Guide to California Planning
     by Bill Fulton and Paul Shigley

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Since it was first published in 1991, Guide to California Planning has served as the authoritative textbook on city and county planning practice throughout the state. The first book ever written that covers all aspects of planning in a single state, Guide to California Planning is used as a textbook in virtually every college- and graduate- level planning program in California. In this revised and expanded fourth edition, William Fulton and Paul Shigley lay out planning laws and processes in detail and describe how planning really works in California - how cities and counties and developers and citizen groups all interact with each other on a daily basis to shape California communities and the California landscape, for better and for worse.

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Praise for Guide to California Planning

"I got this book because I wanted something that gave an overview of the California Planning system. I'm an architect and urban designer new to California and wanted something that would introduce me to the state's quite specific approach to urban planning policy and planning law. I found this book as it was required reading for Urban Planning courses at Berkeley and Davis. It's well written and edited, and comprehensive and detailed without getting stuck in the minutiae or digressing. It gives a nice history and introduces the role of the state to regional to local..."

- Jason Ambrose

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"Fulton and Shigley have done a fantastic job in connecting the dots between various aspects of planning (history, geography, law, economics, design, etc.) The guide goes beyond context and techniques to present dynamics and what is really at stake. In particular, the authors discuss boldly the political nature of planning in California, including pressures and manipulations. Thus, the guide enables the reader to become technically more conversant and politically more aware."

- Zeent Mackwani
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"This book is the bible of California planning. I have worked in the field of urban planning for several years. The complexity of coastal California development is such that even the majority of people practicing in the field can't explain the whole process. This book is the only reference that I have seen that tells you what the heck is going on, in fact college classes are taught using this book..."

- M. Landy

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